Will Oldham & David Berman Live at Liss Ard Festival, 1999

I've stopped taking my Citalopram again so I can't really be arsed to write anything, I'm sure none of you read the crap I write anyways, you just click the download link and piss orf. Here's a thing, like a download thing, where Will Oldham and David Berman play some of their songs, other peoples songs and talk and read poems. This ain't no soundboard recording so unless you are a Silver Jews or Palace / Bonnie 'Prince' Billy fanatic you may be better of downloading the new Radioboringhead for a penny.

Liss Ard Festival, Skibbereen, Ireland - 29.08.99

1. Now II
2. Arise, Therefore
3. If There Was a Book About This Hallway
4. Crying in the Chapel
5. Joke
6. A Leprechaun Gave Me a Blowjob
7. Missing in Action
8. Talking and Jokes
9. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
10. War in Apartment 1812
11. Jokes
12. Madeleine- Mary
13. Talking
14. Nervous Ashers & Apocalypse
15. Armadillo Song of London Homesick Blues
16. Talking
17. Folson Prison Blues in Spanish
18. Sweet Child O' Mine
19. Thunder Road
20. Talking
21. Come In
22. The Rocker
23. New Orleans
24. Smith & Jones Forever
25. Turn the Page
26. Talking
27. Horses


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Harry said...

Thanks for sharing this -- I've been looking for some recordings of Berman's poetry reading for a long time. Good stuff (despite the oatmeal in the soundboard)

tfrancis said...

there are some good free recordings out there somewhere but i cant remember where they are :-s

i just got my hands on the tanglewood numbers demo's, they are great! gonna upload them at some point...

tfrancis said...

here are 3 readings: http://www.weeblackskelf.co.uk/cordsuit/index.php?page=Audio

Loretta said...