Parenthetical Girls - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff - 18.11.08

Parenthetical Girls have a girlie boy man woman guys gals thing going on, know what I'm saying? It's all gender switch lyrics an' shit, which is always good, and in the case of Parenthetical Girls it's bloody good! This gig was in a weenie little venue, the downstairs of Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff.

There were three support bands who I will review...now!
Zissou: Heavy on haircuts and "indie". Nice cover of Nashville Parthenon by CFTPA.
Hail! The Planes: Terrible name, sounded really good during the intro for the first song but the singing spoiled it. Really didn't like the guy singing but when the girl sang it was really good. She should sing all the songs.
Ladybird: Sort of, like, funtime guitar pop. Ok.

There was one headline band who I will review...now!
Parenthetic Girls: Absolutely amazing, possibly the gig of the year and certainly in my top ten of all time. All four members of the band switch instruments between pretty much every song which I usually find a bit wack but in this case I thought it was spiffing. Zac was just great, he was "air twiddling", doing sort of scooty marching both forwards and backwards, rolling around on the floor, climbing on the seats, crawling across the bar, drumming on the walls, doors, steps, speakers, singing from outside the venue, and at one point he was even flat on his back with his head between the legs of the one, the only, the, Boxing Duck!,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(Click the photo to see the rest from the gig...)

Some dude from Los Campesinos! (?) sang the first song and kept giving me the evil's all night, I've never bothered listening to them, the name is a bit to (sic) fun sounding for me, I'm not a big fan of fun. Track, list:

Love Connection
Love Connection Pt. II
Four Words
I Was The Dancer
Avenue Of Trees
Gut Symmetries
The Weight She Fell Under
Stolen Children
This Regrettable End




Tonight the person who runs Wicked Trips and Rising Viper Records in Swansea, South Wales attacked me. He repeatedly punched me in the face and ripped my hoody (by http://www.existclothing.com an awesome Swansea skate shop and clothing brand) over I'm not sure what. It seems he had read my music blog "Boxing Duck!" and seemed to be very upset because I was enjoying music and sharing what I liked, he finds this very offensive and rather upsetting. I would suggest you do not associate yourselves with either http://www.wickedtrips.com/ nor http://risingviper.com/.

If you ever experience something like this in Swansea I urge you to contact http://www.south-wales.police.uk/ who I am sure will help you resolve the issue or just do nothing which is why I didn't contact them, I'm just using their link to benefit my cause, whoop.

I hope you enjoyed this free speech broadcast.

Yours Sincerely
The Boxing Duck!

Disclaimer: Boxing Duck! does not encourage nor endorse abuse but fully supports boycotting :-p