Red House Painters Early Demos - download

Do you like Red House Painters / Mark Kozelek? Do you like early demos? Do you like downloads? If you answered yes to those 3 questions then you are gonna be chuffed cause I've uploaded the original demo's that Mark sent to 4AD Records and music journalists back in 1991 / 1992. From 4ad.com: "Imagine what it was like for 4AD chief Ivo Watts-Russell the first time he listened to the Red House Painters' demo tapes. Demos, by nature, are rudimentary things, often suggesting promise but rarely realising it. Most demos are excruciatingly bad - the kind of unlistenable things you play for bemused friends so they, too, can wonder why the potential musician ever bothered in the first place. Red House Painters were luckier. The elusive chemistry was there from the first note."

Red House Painters have a special place in my heart, when depression first took hold on me and wouldn't let go back in 2001 I was into them in a big way, one Saturday after work I was walking down the pavement on a main road listening to Drop and for the first time in my life I wanted to kill myself, as Mark sang I got lower and lower...

So much that i can't say to you
My voice shakes from the hurt that i hide
Ashamed of my existence
And of my petty often wounded pride
I'd like to come home to see you
And to catch your sickness by the bedside
But then you'd know how much i really need you

...I stood in Tesco in a daze for ages with no idea what was going on. I left the shop and on the opposite side of the same road the speeding cars called to me again, and again and again and I was ready to jump when a little kid about 2 or 3 years old with his family looked up at me, smiled and said hello. I felt disgusting, what was I thinking? That kid saved my life and he will never know it. I quit my job on the Monday and the depression is still kicking my ass 6 years on. If you haven't heard Red House Painters before and want this kind of misery then I recommend you start with their self titled album with the rollercoaster on the cover or their 2 disc Retrospective. If you have heard them before and you love them then download these demos...

1. 24
2. Evil
3. Waterkill
4. Medicine Bottle
5. Down Colorful Hill
6. Uncle Joe
7. Japanese to English

1. FunHouse
2. Heart Attack
3. HeadSore
4. The Bridge
5. Million + 8 Things
6. Strawberry Hill
7. Lord Kill The Pain
8. Michael
9. 21


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