Jonathan Richman - Live at Central Park SummerStage - 29.06.00

Well lookie here, what's this? It can't be? Can it? IT IS! A JONATHAN RICHMAN BOOTLEG FROM 2000!!! All right, bloody hell, calm down isit? Oh ok, I agree it is pretty exciting, and it's also really really great quality in both sound and content :-D


I loooooooove Jojo, I love him so much that I am getting a Jojo tattoo some time soon, I have my Silver Jews and Daniel Johnston tattoos that can be read as either happy or sad depending on whether you are happy or sad but I want a bright Richman one that just says (not literally) "don't be sad, be happy!" cause I need to stop all this 'I'm depressed' business! Yes, I'm depressed but buying black trousers to wear with my 20,000 black band t-shirts is not a good thing, I need some colour in my life. They say "once you go black, you don't go back" but I think it's about time I at least tried to go back, maybe I should go to more bakeries but they don't really cater for vegans. I have discovered that one of the bakeries in town has a fridge that is FREEZING at the back and most of the time the Diet Coke right at the back has ice in it so I usually buy my pop from there; I don't think Jonathan was talking about pop when he wrote those lyrics though. :-s

If you were to look at my last.fm page you'd see that my top two artists are The Fall and Jonathan Richman, two musical oddities that you wouldn't really put in the same camp but they have a lot in common I suppose, I'm not gonna write about it like some kind of Pitchfork type, instead just take a second to think about it yourself...

I don't half write some rubbish on this blog, it doesn't give enough insight into my mangled brain enough to achieve a book deal yet it isn't boring enough to just post the download link and be done with it. How about some questions? Throw some questions at me in the comments, that'll be a gas, ask me anything, just don't ask me about why I think Star Wars is a big pile of crap cause it just is, m'kay.

I am currently downloading some very very rare Modern Lovers live recordings from '76 and '78, I'll share them some day...

This recording has really great quality and has three (I think) unreleased songs in the form of Silent Treatment, Barcelona and I'm Not Obsessed With Her...

Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eye Shadow
Egyptian Reggae
Give Paris One More Chance
Silent Treatment
Pablo Picasso
Nineteen in Naples
I'm So Confused
I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar
Couples Must Fight
I'm Not Obsessed With Her
I'm a Little Airplane
Rooming House on Venice Beach
Let Her Go Into the Darkness
True Love is Not Nice
Vampire Girl
You Can't Talk to the Dude