Richard & Linda Thompson - Rafferty's Folly - Download

Well, I was gonna upload this but did a quick search and someone else already has it on their blog so I'll just link you to there. Richard & Linda Thompson recorded a bunch of albums together back in the olden days, my two faves are "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight" and "Shoot Out The Lights", for some reason I can't really get into their other albums...

This bootleg is from the "Shoot Out..." sessions recorded by Gerry Rafferty and later discarded by the duo. It's a must have for any Thompson fans but if you aren't familiar with their work then first slap yourself in the face then get the two albums I mentioned above before downloading this.

I'm gonna be shooting photos for Pitchfork at The Green Man Festival this year, Richard is playing and I can't wait to see him, more than anyone else on the bill. Richard Thompson also did the music for the Werner Herzog Documentary called "Grizzly Man", there is an awesome doc on the DVD of the recording sessions where you get to see Thompson at work, it kicks ass.

As I said, these aren't my links, I found them here: http://time-has-told-me.blogspot.com/2007/10/by-manila-18.html so make sure to go there because he/she has a second download of more tracks :-)


1. Don't Renege on Our Love
2. Back Street Slide
3. Walking on a Wire
4. The Wrong Heartbeat
5. Shoot Out the Lights
6. For Shame of Doing Wrong
7. I'm a Dreamer
8. Modern Woman
9. Just the Motion
10. Wall of Death
11. Lucky in Life
12. How Many Times Do You Have to Fall?
13. Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman
14. Wall of Death
15. Sword Dance/Young Black Cow
16. I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight


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Bruce Springsteen - Cardiff 2008 - Recording

Ooooooooooooh! A Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Live at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff - 14.05.08 recording for you, aren't you the lucky one???

You have no idea how excited I was about this gig, for, like, months, 'n', shit, the day before I was bubbling like that pink slime in one of the Ghostbusters films, it was insane, I've not been so excited since that one time when. The day of the gig I was gonna catch the 13:30 train up there and queue to make sure I got near the front but instead I bought a bottle of vodka, two cartons of orange juice and a plastic picnic cup and met up with 'the boys' to make the pilgrimage to smelly Cardiff.

We got up there and the city was heaving with Boss fans, at least I think they were, it was hard to tell with the amount of light being reflected off all the old dudes heads... We headed to Wetherspoons where I polished off what was left of my vodka then battling the immense pain in my chest rushed to the toilet and sicked it all back up again. We got wind of a special "Born in the USA" cocktail at a place across town, word on the street was that it was layered red, white and blue and a must have on this special day. As you can see from the photo below it wasn't red, white and blue at all, it was pissy yellow but fortunately it tasted a little bit like heaven so not all was lost.

Following that I had a "Sex and the City" (I think) before we left and I bought up another bottle of vodka, do you see what's happening here? I was so excited I was inadvertently getting absolutely hammertimed!

After hiding my recorder and vodka in my pants (I assume I did this cause they weren't in my bag when the security checked) we got to the stadium about 7ish. I bought 2 bottles of pop and left the gang to buy myself one of the awesome "Tramps like us baby we were born to run" t-shirts, split from the pack, hammered and with no idea what was going on I was now alone, this was the beginning of the end.

I don't remember Bruce and co taking to the stage or leaving the stage or much in between, I have a faint recollection of part of Thunder Road but that's it. MAN, I AM SO PISSED OFF! At some point I realised I'd lost my hat and I think that was the last straw, the other straws being the tens of thousands of pathetic middle aged losers standing around stroking their bloody chins. If The Boss has preached any message of the years it's not to sit back and rot but to get off your arse and make something of your life, being surrounded by so many so called "fans" that have neglected to heed the word of their 55 quid a ticket hero pushed me over the edge. I remember going for a piss and just looking out over all the people and just losing the will to live so I sat in one of the seats on the side and just started crying.

It's a horrible thing to be surrounded by something like 60 THOUSAND people and feeling so alone that there is nothing worth living for, I think I started texting desperately at this point (sorry to whoever got one or many!) and then just put my head in my hands and wept, I don't know how long this lasted but I'm pretty sure it was a long, long time. This depression is doing it's best to kick my ass but I have a secret weapon, and I'll be going to the doctor on Monday for a prescription. I once managed 3 months without meds and this time I've managed the massive, wait for it, ONE MONTH before losing it completely. Bruce's music has never been about rocking out to me anyway, its about sadness and misery and whether I remember any of it or not that night I was extremely sad and really fucking miserable.

That's enough about me, just check out this setlist! I'm so pissed (pardon the pun) that I don't remember it cause it's just incredible! I have put an asterisk next to all the ones I'd have killed to hear. The download links are at the end, note that it is split into 2 separate downloads due to its size so download both parts from different links to save yourself time.

01. Intro
02. From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)
03. 10th Avenue Freeze-Out
04. Radio Nowhere
05. No Surrender *
06. Lonesome Day
07. Promised Land *
08. Danny Story
09. Blinded By The light *
10. Magic
11. Atlantic City *
12. The River *
13. Gypsy Biker
14. Darlington County *
15. Because The Night *
16. She's The One
17. Livin In The Future
18. Mary's Place
19. Working On The Highway *
20. Devils Arcade
21. The Rising *
22. Last To Die
23. Long Walk Home
24. Badlands *
25. Outro
26. Intro
27. Jungleland *
28. Tribute To Tim Russert
29. Thunder Road *
30. Born To Run *
31. Rosalita *
32. American land
33. Applause & Thank You

Part 1

Part 2


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Big Black - Way Hap Ultimate Rarities

There are two ways to blog about Big Black, there is the wrong way: Big Black, and there is the right way: BIG BLACK I rambled on about BIG BLACK in this post so I won't bother going through all that crap again. Even though Albini is a weeny little dude with funny little specs he's one manly mother flucker ain't he?! He gives skinny little guys like me hope, I listen to BIG BLACK and feel tough, I swear that my biceps become a little bit bigger every time I shout 'CABLES!!!', just look at the before and after photos below and make up your own minds...

...I think the proof is pretty clear, listenening to BIG BLACK definitely makes you a bigger man and listening to BIG BLACK rarities makes you a MASSIVE hulk of a man so if you are a complete wiener you better download the two disc Way Hap Ultimate Rarities set below and make yourself big and strong like me! They are full to the flippin' brim with demos, live stuff, rare compilation songs and even some pre-BIG BLACK Stations songs! I've used massmirror instead of sharebee this time round cause I'm impatient, if you find that it sucks ass tell me in the comments and I'll re-upload them.

1. Spoken Word Intro (Sub Pop 100)
2. Bang Zoom Review
3. Big Payback (Rough Mix)
4. Hunter Safety (Tommy Bartlett Dies In Pain) (Middle Of America Comp)
5. Il Duce (Il Duce 7'')
6. Burning Indian Wife (Happiness Is Dry Pants)
7. Rema Rema (Rema Rema 7'')
8. My House (Pig Pile Box Set 5'')
9. Crack Up (God's Favorite Dog Comp)
10. Every Man For Himself (God's Favorite Dog Comp)
11. Strange Things
12. Texas (Live) (Code Blue Cassette)
13. Dead Billy (Live) (Head Over Ears Comp)
14. RIP (Live) (Il Duce 12'')
15. Cables (Live) (Il Duce 12'')
16. Pigeon Kill (Live) (Il Duce 12'')
17. Kerosene (Live) (Nothing Short Of Total War Comp)
18. He's A Whore (Nothing Short Of Total War Comp)
19. Run Nigger Run - Pray I Don't Kill You Faggot
20. Crazy About Lemurs


1. Stations - She's Lost (Demo)
2. Stations - People In Church (Demo)
3. Stations - Meet Me Inside (Demo)
4. Stations - Kiss On The Floor (Demo)
5. Stations - Seeds Of Corruption (Demo)
6. Jump The Climb (Demo 82)
7. I Can Be Killed (Demo 82)
8. Unknown Track (Demo 82)
9. Live In A Hole (Demo 82)
10. RIP (Demo 82)
11. Deep Six (Demo)
12. Sleep (Demo)
13. Ugly American (Demo)
14. Il Duce (Demo)
15. The Power Of Independent Trucking (Demo)
16. The Model (Demo)
17. Bad Penny (Demo)
18. L Dopa (Demo)
19. Precious Thing (Demo)
20. Columbian Necktie (Demo)
21. Kitty Empire (Demo)


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Jonathan Richman - Jonathan Goes Funky demo tape

To say that I am a big Jonathan Richman fan is like saying that Steve Irwin liked animals, crikey mate, I just love Jojo! Some people like his stuff with The Modern Lovers but don't like his later silly songs, some people like the new stuff but don't like the silly songs, some people like the silly songs but not the rest, some people are complete idiots and claim to like the first 'The Modern Lovers' album but say "his other stuff isn't very good" (if you are one of those bloody 'hip indie' people please reverse out the way you came in). I am of the belief that everything Richman has put out (and I have it all) has been pure gold, the guy is a machine, he just can't make a bad song, I bet when he farts in public people spontaneously dance uncontrollably. I don't need to sell Richman to you, you are already here, bless you my children.

I've seen him live twice in the last few years, the first time at the Jazz Cafe, London (I have a recording of this which I'll upload one day) he was on fire, I almost danced and for me that is unheard of; the second time, in Cambridge, he was great too, that's me with him up the top. We came out of the venue and he was strolling across the car park with his guitar in hand on his way to bed at the Travelodge, you can see how excited I was to meet him and you can't deny that he looks pretty happy to see me too. This tour I had a ticket but lost my job and couldn't afford the train fare to london so I missed out. :-(

Now for the download, it's entitled "Jonathan Goes Funky" and is a demo tape from the early 80's, this is rare, by crikey it's rare! it's so rare that if you search for it in Google you'll get next to nothing, just one mention of it, fair dinkum.

1. Underneath
2. My Name is Jonathan
3. The Neighbors
4. Better
5. Don't Change for Me
6. Somebody to Hold Me


Remember to pop over to JOJOBLOG, the finest Richman site on t'internet.

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