Jonathan Richman - Jonathan Goes Funky demo tape

To say that I am a big Jonathan Richman fan is like saying that Steve Irwin liked animals, crikey mate, I just love Jojo! Some people like his stuff with The Modern Lovers but don't like his later silly songs, some people like the new stuff but don't like the silly songs, some people like the silly songs but not the rest, some people are complete idiots and claim to like the first 'The Modern Lovers' album but say "his other stuff isn't very good" (if you are one of those bloody 'hip indie' people please reverse out the way you came in). I am of the belief that everything Richman has put out (and I have it all) has been pure gold, the guy is a machine, he just can't make a bad song, I bet when he farts in public people spontaneously dance uncontrollably. I don't need to sell Richman to you, you are already here, bless you my children.

I've seen him live twice in the last few years, the first time at the Jazz Cafe, London (I have a recording of this which I'll upload one day) he was on fire, I almost danced and for me that is unheard of; the second time, in Cambridge, he was great too, that's me with him up the top. We came out of the venue and he was strolling across the car park with his guitar in hand on his way to bed at the Travelodge, you can see how excited I was to meet him and you can't deny that he looks pretty happy to see me too. This tour I had a ticket but lost my job and couldn't afford the train fare to london so I missed out. :-(

Now for the download, it's entitled "Jonathan Goes Funky" and is a demo tape from the early 80's, this is rare, by crikey it's rare! it's so rare that if you search for it in Google you'll get next to nothing, just one mention of it, fair dinkum.

1. Underneath
2. My Name is Jonathan
3. The Neighbors
4. Better
5. Don't Change for Me
6. Somebody to Hold Me


Remember to pop over to JOJOBLOG, the finest Richman site on t'internet.

If you think the Boxing Duck! is really, really funky for bringing you this great rare demo tape then use the links below to buy stuff from Amazon, cause when you do the duck gets a little cut, yay!


Anonymous said...

Love this, thanks! Like you, I can't stand fair weather JoJo fans--I love it all. Please, please post more Jonathan bootlegs if you have 'em.


Rich H said...

You are a golden god! Thanks for this!

chimaerandi said...

You deserve a high 5 for this! There are two songs on there that I've been looking for forever. Thank you!!

Eric said...

A BIG BIG thanks for that, you're my man !

Ramone666 said...

Thanks bud!

Heather said...

Awesome! Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

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