mclusky acoustic session download

ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS ARE CUNTS! Is that too offensive a way to start a blog post? I don't know anything about this mclusky acoustic session except that a whole bunch of people seem to either have them or want them. I am in the have them camp, you are in the want them camp, but in a few minutes we could be camp together, like, in a tent camp, I'm talkin' really camp!

1. Throwing Bricks from Trains
2. He's Been Sitting Here Forever
3. Normal Kid in the United States
4. Love Song for a Mexican
5. Centrefold
6. Grace Under Pressure
7. Give You Cinema
8. Cassanova
9. Perpetual Motives
10. Leaning Forward / make room for more thoughts
11. Catch More Fish


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alcxxk said...

this really doesn't sound much like them in any way, and is, more importantly, completely fucking shit

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort, I must commend you on that. That said, no fucking way Mclusky is any fucking good without the sonic bomblast aplomb that Albini provided them.

Anonymous said...

there are a couple of semi-good songs on here but on the whole it is a big pile of fucking wank

tom said...

An interesting snapshot of a pre-pubsecent mclusky. Only 'Love Song for a Mexican' survived the transition to the big old posthumous boxset.

On the whole tho, I agree with the other comments here, mclusky are one of those bands that don't really 'do' acoustic...

a person said...

I thought it was really good. Not as good as one of their albums, but still, really good. Especially considering I haven't had anything of theirs that's new to me in a couple years. I really liked Love Song for a Mexican, Grace Under Pressure, and the last 3.

Anonymous said...

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