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I had a ticket to see The Go-Betweens in Liverpool on 10th May 2005 (which I just realised was 3 years ago yesterday so really I should have posted this yesterday!), it would have been my first time but it never happened. I got a new job and there was a 'team building day' on the 10th, for the first and LAST time ever I gave up the gig for a day wading through mud and swamps. A year later Grant McLennan died and so I will never ever ever get to see them. The moral of this story is: DO NOT EVER PUT WORK BEFORE ANYTHING!!!

Up for grabs here are a bunch of demo's that I found on Soulseek many moons ago, I especially like the 16 Lover's Lane ones. This is what you can get your grubby mitts on...

Liberty Belle & the Black Diamond Express Demo's
1. Spring Rain
2. The Ghost & the Black Cat
3. To Reach Me
4. Twin Layers of Lightening
5. Head Full of Steam

Spring Hill Fair Demo's
1. A Bad Debt Follows You
2. Bachelor Kisses
3. Emperor's Courtesan
4. Part Company
5. Rare Breed
6. The Old Way Out
7. This Girl Black Girl
8. Unkind & Unwise

Tallulah Demo's
1. Bye Bye Pride
2. I Just Get Caught Out
3. Right Here (Her Song)
4. Someone Else's Wife
5. Clarke Sisters
6. The House That Jack Kerouac Built

16 Lovers Lane Acoustic Demo's
1. Was There Anything I Could Do?
2. Wait Until June
3. The Devil's Eye
4. I'm Allright
5. You Won't Fint it Again
6. Love Goes On!
7. Love is a Sign
8. Dive For Your Memory
9. Streets of Your Town
10. The Clarke Sisters
11. You've Never Lived

I've popped them all into the same zip file, so if you only want some of them you have to have all of them, now that is what I call rock 'n roll excess :-p Choose from any of these stinky links...


I've got more demo's from The Go-Betweens and some cool Triffids rarities too that I'll upload at some point...

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cool blog buddy, I'd love to see what Triffids rarities you have.