Mark E. Smith - video interview

Interviews with Mark E. Smith from The Fall are nearly always really terrible, especially video ones but this weird geeky dude from the U S of A has actually managed to do a really great interview with MES. It's in 4 parts all of which are embedded below to save your lazy asses from going to vbs.tv and searching for them.

Here are some great MES moments from the interview:
- on the Manchester bombing "I wrote a song about that...a year before it happened"
- on why he doesn't like football anymore "it's a bit like a Red Hot Chilli Peppers show"
- on the interview "I can't believe this fucking rubbish"
- on Bob Dylan "The Emperor of Grease"
- on Hitler "balls"
- on Talking Heads "they're the enemy"
- on Jack Black "what a fucking twat he is"
- on his nieces and nephews "when I walk in the room they hide behind the couch"
- on Pop Idol "I'm sorry"
- on Courtney Love "no wonder Kurt shot himself"
- on the interviewer "you should clean your teeth"
- on English musicians "they just want to play golf"


Claudius said...

Isn't it strange how crass and snotty he is, but we are so fascinated with him?

rhoda said...

"this weird geeky dude" is Ian Svenonius of The Make-Up, Weird War, etc.

God I love MES though. Always dead on.