Julian Cope Krautrock Top 50 - downloads

I quote: "In 1995, Julian Cope self-published a hugely influential book about the German “Krautrock” scene of the late 60’s / early 70’s. Issued in a couple of limited print runs, and now long out of print, the book told the story of the “kosmische” music created by a relatively small number of German hippies, heads, freaks and visionaries.

Featured in the book as an appendix, is a review list of Cope’s personal top 50 Krautrock albums. Now thanks to xxxxxxx over at SFRP, here's all 50 albums. Most of the following contain artwork and all have been ripped at 192 or higher. Grab 'em while stocks last..."
Follow this link: TOP 50 to download each and every one of the albums featured in his list! You can find more info on the records here.

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