Jens Lekman - live download & photos

A good way to get people to your music blog is by putting cool buzz words like photos, download, bootleg, exclusive, MP3, Rapidshare and free in the first paragraph. Adding the name of a hip-to-the-groove musician such as Jens Lekman helps too as does the venue name, a venue such as Sacred Trinity Church in Salford, Manchester, the date isn't going to do any harm either: 27th November 2007.

I've started going to gigs in Manchester cause London is a dirty shithole, I'm not sure that it's such a good idea cause both times I've been I've been robbed. The first time some bastard swiped my dirty socks out of my shoes as I slept in the hostel and this time some German dude pre-stole my flimsy pillow before I got back from the gig. I told reception, hoping for a new pillow from a cupboard, but they insisted on coming up to the room with a torch to find out exactly who the thief was! I'm lucky my throat wasn't slashed as I slept, luckily the spineless Germans just pretended to be asleep as he shone his torch right in their faces and then packed up and left without a word in the morning.

The gig was obviously radical, there's not much you can complain about when one of your favourite singers is playing in a tiny church with no stage and you are literally two feet away from them; however, I'm an awkward bastard and I do have something to complain about. There was this dude sat off to my left that kept looking at me all the way through, he pissed me right off, he had one of those rubbish faces that you just wanna bash, you know the kind, it's pretentious, hamster-like and on top sits shit hair like that of Arnold Rimmer. Forget putting your arms around me, I could've put my hands around his neck and flung him right through the stained glass window. You know who you are and if you are reading this get the hell of my blog and don't come back, prick. I hate these stuck up music snob wannabes, the place was crawling with weenie, indie kids in their grandad's piss-stained jumpers and crap shoes. Music ain't about corduroys you crazee kids, and it ain't about vinyl either, its about songs, songs, songs, songs, songs, songs, songs, songs, songs, songs. One day soon the useless NHS will actually hook me up with the psychotheraphy they've been promising me for 3 years and then I may be able to forgive you idiots. Maybe. Not.

It was all dark in the place, with it being a house of God and all that, Holy Communion obviously isn't bringing in enough beans to cough up for some lights so I had to shoot on 32-bloody-hundred. The photos below suck ass, if you wanna see better pixtures of other stuff then click on the link for the whole set and go see my other flickr sets.






To see all the photos from the gig go hither: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tfrancis/sets/72157603327343764/

As I am such a generous bootlegger may I present to you a recording of the full gig in the much better than vinyl format known as MP3. Here is the setlist:

You in my Arms
Sipping on the Sweet Nectar
A Postcard To Nina
It Was a Strange Time in My Life
You Are the Light (By Which I Travel Into This and That)
I Saw Her at the Anti War Demonstration
Kanske Är Jag Kär I Dig
A Sweet Summers Night On Hammer Hill
The Cold Swedish Winter
I Am Leaving You Because I Don't Love You
The Opposite of Hallelujah
Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo
Black Cab
Pocketful Of Money
A Little Lost
Tram #7 To Heaven

Use any of the download links below to get your grubby little mitts on this super duper bootleg:

http://sharebee.com/66110f03 (all of the sources below)

Buy Jens Lekman albums on Amazon, the Boxing Duck! gets a percentage of whatever you spend so get your hands in your pockets!


john said...

Hi! I was at the gig, thanks very much for the bootleg. The photos are great too. Do you mind if I download some of them from your Flickr to show some friends? I'd credit them to you of course.

Oh I'm pretty sure I wasn't Mr Arnold Rimmer hair. Unless Rimmer changed his hair in a later series and I didn't see it...

tfrancis said...

its fine to download the pix, if you could include a link to my website: tfrancis.co.uk that would be lovely.

thanks for the comment :-)

Travis said...

love the Jens bootleg! I didnt get to see him down here in Houston, Texas on his latest tour so I appreciate the live songs!

Excellent post!

cristian said...

hi, thanks for bootleg. nice pictures too, huges from chile.

Victoria said...

You are an absolutely delightful human being. Thanks so much for the awesome bootleg. Now I'm even more excited to see him in April in NYC!

denisuzvik said...