Leonard Cohen - Philharmonie, Köln - 1988

I usually have some kind of sexy story to accompany my downloads but I don't think I have any exciting Leonard Cohen stories, Lenny isn't the sexiest man around after all. This is a really cool bootleg from 1988 at the Philharmonie, Köln. I think it's a soundboard, the quality is top notch and you get a real sense of the venue too from the acoustics. A lot of the songs feature an extra bit of 80's pazazz in the form of synths and a bit of cheese, but don't worry it great!

It includes two full sets and four out of the six songs played during the soundcheck, from what I can tell this is the most complete recording from this gig, there is a bit more info here: http://www.leonardcohenlive.com/concerts/setlists/1980s/1988-04-10.htm

Ooh! I remembered a sexy story! I have got a Songs of Love and Hate book containing all the sheet music, if anyone wants me to scan and upload the pages hit me in the comments, make sure you are logged in and not anon. cause I won't be able to contact you otherwise! (UPDATE, I'VE UPLOADED IT: CLICK HERE)

Now for the recording, here's the setlist:

1. Bird On The Wire

2. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye 

3. Who By Fire 

4. Ain't No Cure For Love 

5. Dance Me To The End Of Love 

6. The Law 

7. Heart With No Companion 

8. I'm Your Man

9. Coming Back To You

10. First We Take Manhattan

11. Avalanche - solo

12. Chelsea Hotel #2 - solo

13. The Stranger Song - solo 

14. Tower Of Song 

15. I Can't Forget 

16. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong 

17. Everybody Knows 

18. Hallelujah

19. Suzanne

20. Sisters Of Mercy 

21. There Is A War
22. Introductions

23. Take This Waltz

24. Passin' Through 

25. I Tried To Leave You

26. The Law 

27. The Law 

28. Bird On The Wire 

29. First We Take Manhattan
30. Avalanche 

p.s I can't possibly afford to go see Lenny in London so if you are barking mad and wanna gimme money to go please email me!

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victoria said...

thanks for the bootleg! It would be really great if you scanned and uploaded the sheet music. Also, Leonard can be sexy, he was born like that, he had no choice.

badoom_bum said...

you rock.
I don't have a blogger account but you can get me here hoist.him@gmail.com
I'd be deadly grateful if you sent the sheet music to me. Thanks for being around, mate!

Anonymous said...

First We Take Manhattan live - absolutely fucking priceless. How I remember this b&w video from the Kevin Seal days of 120 minutes on MTV. Thanks much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this show! I've never seen it before!