Pixies - Live recording - Fine Line Music Cafe

When I was in the last couple of years of school I had a few favourite tapes: Biggie Smalls; The Pharcyde; Smiff 'n' Wesson... I was the blackest white man in my school, probably why everyone called me bent and hated me and why I hated them, but there was one other tape, it had Doolittle on one side and Surfer Rosa on the other, it was my favourite tape. I listened to this tape almost every day for I don't know how long, I couldn't get enough of it and I didn't know why, one second it was quiet, then it was loud, then he was screaming like a girl; I had no idea what he was on about but there was just something that kept pulling me back. I didn't have track names, I didn't know their names, I'd never seen their CD's in the shops, it was like a super tape sent from a far off place (in reality Simon Dark gave it to me, and later recorded over Surfer Rosa with a pop punk compilation containing The Queers that he said was much better, it certainly wasn't better but it was ok at the time).

This was around 1996, long after the Pixies had broken up, when I was 17 I discovered the HMV super sale and bought every Pixies album in one go and became a pathetic fanboy, over the next few years I bought all the singles, 3 copies of Death to the Pixies in different versions on CD, bootleg vinyl, a rare white label and searched eBay for years before I found a VHS bootleg recording of one of their gigs. I got into Frank Black solo too, and went to see him, he played some Pixies songs and I was chuffed but it wasn't enough. Then the rumours started, could it really be true? Were they really getting back together? It couldn't be! Could it??? When I got my ticket for Brixton I literally danced around my pad singing "I'm gonna see the Pixies! I'm gonna see the Pixies! I'm gonna see the Pixies!" a la the scene in Wayne's World where they get their cheques when they sell out.

There was a long wait between buying tickets and the actual gig so I started looking for new bootlegs and found this fine specimen, its their first gig on the comeback tour at Fine Line Music Cafe and it kicks ass, the crowd are absolutely rabid, its worth listening to just to here everyone cheer when Charles sings "Rock me Joe", it sent shivers down my spine. Damn, this is a long boring story...

I don't know where I got this recording, it was years ago, if you recorded it and are pissed off that I have posted it then chillax, you should be proud not angry cause the sound quality is awesome, here's the setlist:

Bone Machine
Wave of Mutilation
Levitate Me
Broken Face
Monkey Gone to Heaven
The Holiday Song
Nimrod's Son
La La Love You
Ed is Dead
Here Comes Your Man
No. 13 Baby
Gouge Away
Isla De Encanta
The Holiday Song
In Heaven > Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Where is My Mind?
Into the White

Download from any of these fine links:

If you haven't seen the Pixies documentary called loudQUIETloud yet then either go to pitchfork.tv THIS WEEK where it is playing for free or buy it or download it or whatever floats your boat cause it's a really good watch, I give it 10/10

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Fucking brilliant stuff and sounds damn good.

Stuck in Havalina,
Digging for Fire,

Et Ux.

Anonymous said...

the track listing is a little bogus, but otherwise the show is excellent and the recording is nearly flawless-esque