The Decemberists - Live At Barfly, Liverpool - 08.10.04


Wow! You guys 'n gals are lucky to have me! Today I bring you The Decemberists live in Liverpool 2004. This is a short set (40ish mins) but it is special because it's from their first ever tour of the UK. I travelled from Swansea all the way up to Liverpool, a good 5 hour train journey and they played for under 40 minutes, I was pretty upset and was forced to beg them to play Los Angeles, I'm Yours (in vain). I did feel a bit sorry for them, they were pretty 'big' in 2004 and they come over here and literally played to about 12 people at this gig, and most of those were there for the support band, then they get turfed out because it was time for the DJ to go on!

I don't think I have any funny Decemberists stories so instead I'll just tell you about my iPhone 3g: it is the bo shizzle. If you have an iPhone but haven't hacked it then you must do it immediately! Jailbreak that bastard and load it up with killer apps for FREE. I'm up til all hours every night SSH-ing stuff to it, none of this "oh the app store has a nice app for £5.99" crap, you gotta get on Cydia yo.

Here's a funny story: this week I have come into possession of the entire album The Crane Wife in instrumental form and also Cricket by Happy Cactus which was Colin Meloy's band BEFORE Tarkio, I know what you are thinking, you are thinking "that's not funny", what is funny is that I am not gonna upload them anytime soon, HA!

Now, go forth and download, the sound quality is good, whoop:

Live At Barfly, Liverpool - 08.10.04

01. Shanty For The Arethusa
02. The Soldiering Life
03. The Infanta
04. Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect
05. Clementine
06. Leslie Anne Levine
07. Billy Liar
08. Grace Cathedral Hill
09. The Chimbley Sweep


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