The Magnetic Fields - live download

In celebration of the release of the new album by The Magnetic Fields called Distortion today I have a present for you. For free you can download a full gig they played in Manchester a few years back.

I was gonna write a bit of a thing about how my life completely changed during "All the Umbrellas in London" but I'm way to flucking depressed today to make the effort. Earlier I was thinking how I've kind of talked about being all depressed 'n' shit on this blog along with posting cool music and I thought that its a good thing and I'd use this as a sort of 'dear diary, i hate myself, check out the song' kind of thing, but I'm too depressed to do it today, typical.

For you I have the 30.10.04 show from The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. They were on for 1hr45mins and I cried for 1hr15mins and my life was changed forever during that time as I said.

Here's the tracklisting:
I Was Born
I Don't Believe In The Sun
A Chicken With It's Head Cut Off
I Looked All Over Town
Come Back From San Francisco
I Don't Really Love You Anymore
All The Umbrellas In London
If You Don't Cry
Born On A Train
I Wish I Had An Evil Twin
I Don't Believe You
Suddenly There Is A Tidal Wave
All My Little Words
Strange Powers
I Thought You My Boyfriend
A Pretty Girl Is Like...
Swinging London
Smoke And Mirrors
The Book Of Love
Reno Dakota
If There's Such A Thing As Love
Papa Was A Rodeo
All I Want To Know
It's Only Time
Yeah! Oh Yeah!
I Die

I warn you that you can hear the MD recorder spinning for a second a few times and that I've chopped it down to just the songs cause they talk for ages between songs and it was too quiet to hear on the recording.


I also have another recording from when the 2nd 6ths album came out which has some guest singers on and the two night full run through of 69 Love Songs at The Lyric. If you wan't me to upload them leave a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Please please upload them! :D


Anonymous said...

thanks alot!
please upload the rest!

Anonymous said...

oh do please upload the other shows! thanks so much!

Erik said...

yes, please upload the others! especially the 69 love songs live bootleg.
thanks so much

Dunc said...

what do you think of the new album? I got a copy but I've been crazy busy with exams and I didn't get round to listening to it yet.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the manchester show. just saw the first show of the US tour the other night and it was excellent. would love to hear the two shows you have if you could post those. thanks again!

gary watson said...

thanks so much for this! Since I first saw the majestic Magnetic Fields on 69 duty in Sydney I've been wanting to hear the beautiful stripped down live stuff again....would dearly love it if you uploaded the rest!

Erik said...

please upload the rest!

Ntyracademy said...

please upload the rest! That would be amazing!

Anonymous said...

definitely please upload the rest!

Anonymous said...

please, oh please, upload the rest! Would be the best day ever...

matt said...

yes yes yes pretty please upload the rest, specifically the 69ls one

Anonymous said...

oh wow- i'd LOVE to hear the other live recordings! please up them!

Anonymous said...

oh no, you can't tease us like that! pleaaaaaaaase upload the other two shows! it looks like you have more than just a few who are interested.

boiwiththethorn said...

won't you upload the rest?
a live run-through of 69 Love Songs would be wonderful